About Us

About SCI, Northern Alberta Chapter

Safari Club International – Northern Alberta Chapter is an organization of avid hunters and outdoors people who are dedicated to promoting responsible use of our natural resources. We care about wildlife, we care about the environment and we care about the society.

We are passionate about hunting and want to share our experiences with others.

Through our parent organization – Safari Club International – we support, promote and present a number of wildlife conservation and humanitarian efforts.

SCI Code of Ethics

  • Recognizing my responsibilities to wildlife, habitat and future generations, I pledge:
  • To conduct myself in the field so as to make a positive contribution to wildlife and ecosystems.
  • To improve my skills as a woodsman and marksman to ensure humane harvesting of wildlife.
  • To comply with all game laws, in the spirit of fair chase, and to influence my companions accordingly.
  • To accept my responsibility to provide all possible assistance to game law enforcement officers.
  • To waste no opportunity to teach young people the full meaning of the Code of Ethics.
  • To reflect, in word and behavior, only credit upon the fraternity of sportsmen and to demonstrate abiding respect for game, habitat and property where I am privileged to hunt.

Why should You join SCI?

  • To preserve the heritage of hunting for our future generations.
  • To strengthen the voice of sportsmen.
  • To increase the awareness and importance of hunting.
  • To be informed and updated about issues relating to the outdoors.
  • To share hunting experiences and information with other sportsmen.

SCI- International

Legal hunting is the primary source of funding for wildlife conservation, research, and enforcement programs in North America and around the globe. More than a billion dollars are generated annually by the sale of hunting and fishing licenses, permit fees, taxes on outdoor equipment and on private land maintained for sporting activities.

Safari Club members reinforce our commitment to conservation by funding more than 150 wildlife conservation projects annually. Many of the chapter projects receive matching grants from the Safari Club International Foundation combining for a yearly investment exceeding $1.5 Million. In addition to the yearly conservation projects, we are involved in a wide variety of charitable programs. Such as:

  • Feeding millions of hungry people through Sportsmen Against Hunger.
  • Helping the sight-impaired experience the wonder of wildlife through Sensory Safaris.
  • Making hunting dreams come true for terminally ill children through Safari Wish.
  • Providing medical services and supplies to needy people in underprivileged countries through SafariCare.
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